The Definitive “B.S Marketer” Survival Guide
Posted on March 2, 2018 
As a lifelong business owner and manager its sickens me to see so much trash in this market place.

With the introduction of so many marketing courses and the ease at which people can throw up any ad these days…

It’s become a genuine need to be prepared - so you don’t get scammed out of thousands of dollars with little to nothing to show for it.

Without further ado, here’s how to recognize a B.S Marketer:

1. No Video Testimonials (only screenshots of lead accounts)
Trust me, clients hardly ever want to give video testimonials - I would know…

We have dozens of clients that have been using our service for years and it’s like pulling nails to get them on video. I get it…

But the truth is, most agencies never had a strong enough relationship to get a video testimonial or they never keep their clients long enough in the first place.

Not everyone wants to be on video, that’s fine, but not a SINGLE client was willing to do it? Something’s fishy!

If they are only showing you screen shots of ads accounts, just run - fast.

2. They only show screen shots of Lead Form ads
Sure, its important to see screen shots of actual leads from any agency that you are looking at.

Not only is the market flooded with new marketers that have zero results but its also flooded with new marketers using a type of facebook ad called “Lead Form Ads”.

These types of leads can be effective if the offer is direct and the loan officer has a good follow up automation system.

The problem is leads form ads are simple…. A baby could generate cheap leads.

Most marketers know that leads ad forms are almost worthless and here’s why….

Leads ad auto fills the information from people who click the ad. That means they don’t actually take any personal action on the landing page.

Sounds great on paper but in reality these leads hardly convert. Lead forms lack substantial user intent, which basically makes it the lowest form of lead you can generate.

Be extremely cautious of any marketer that doesn’t tell you about the difference between the two!

3. They promise leads that are super, SUPER cheap
Leads do not equal sales.

Sure a lead is a lead but how good are you at selling, following up, and do you have the time to call leads 20 times over the next year?

100-200 leads a month x 20 calls = 4,000 phone calls per month (have fun with that one).

Wouldn’t it be better to only focus on leads with higher intent (even if they cost slightly more).

Quality easily beats quantity every day of the week.

4. They tell you their leads close at 10, 15 or even 20%
In the last 12 months our team has spoken to over 1,000 loan officers about their business. 

These are loan officer that saw one of our ads and booked a strategy session. 

A good percentage of these calls all talked about how great their closing percentage was. Some of those also said they rarely purchased leads.

There is a stark difference between closing referral business, inbound business, and Internet leads. 

Closing internet leads is a learned art held secret by only the top closers in the industry and most lenders live in the fantasy land that they close at 70-80% of their sales conversations. Give me a break.

Another thing failed to mentioned is that most lenders are not tracking their leads in, contact ratio, and close ratio over all the total leads purchased or produced.

The reality is this… If you can close 3-5% of internet leads then you’re gonna crush it.

If you can hit those percentages then your business is strictly a numbers and system game.

I know huge call centers doing a billion in loan volume a year that are only at 1.5-2% close rate on their purchased leads… and they are totally fine with that number.

Basically if it sounds too good to be true - it isn’t true.

5. They offer you free trials  
Most marketers do free trials in a few situations.

First, if they don’t have enough business and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get a client. (this usually ends badly since they have no idea what really gets results and they are in the process of throwing shit against the wall) If they know their leads are bad they will try and close you in the first week after flooding you with a ton of cheap leads.

Second, They have so much money they are willing to plow through all of the prospects that either can’t close or get a bad string of leads… In the hopes that they are able to find the guys who can close or get lucky fast.
This is what I call the “Whales Mouth” method of prospecting. 

Throw everyone like shit, against the wall and see WHO sticks.

The free trial is really attractive if you A) have little money or B) been burned before, but be careful cause on further inspection you see that the agency has little regard for supporting you in getting results. It’s a burn and turn system for them to try and grow fast.

6. They don’t offer some sort of follow up software or automation along with their leads system
Any marketer worth their salt knows that without proper and timely follow-up, leads lose massive value. 

Studies have shown that every 5 mins that passes from the point an internet lead was created the chances of closing that lead drops 200%. 
As an agency that focuses more on getting results than selling cheap leads, the only way we have been able to survive and keep the reputation we have is by always focusing on what will actually get cash back in the door for our clients.
If an agency is always focusing the sales conversation on leads and not a solution to getting you into more effective sales conversations then I suggest you run.

Always Stalk the leads. 

7. They are charging 500 dollars a month to run ads
Valuable things cost money. Proven marketing costs money…

If it’s cheap there’s a reason…. If it’s free or ‘let’s just test it’ then it’s not proven.
8. They don’t have an onboarding process and account managers
Without account managers and a clear onboarding process trust that your project and any of your concerns are going to fall through the cracks. If they don’t have these things then the operation you just bought into is very new, and with new operations comes lots of speed bumps.

Speed bumps that you will be funding. 

Make sure they have a clear defined onboarding process and team.

9. The sales guy is doing your lead gen and everything else inside his business.
The worst business to deal with is one that is a one-man band.  
As the saying goes, ‘Jack of all trades… Master of none’.

If your lead generator is doing everything you can bet you’re gonna experience the lack of ability pretty quickly. 

Maybe it’s his communication, organization, or even his marketing. 

There are plenty of agencies out there that are owned by salesman that don’t know marketing…

They have however made a good go of it by selling unknowing folks into their marketing and bleeding them dry in the process… don’t end up one of them!
10. They Try and sell you into a course and tell you ads management and lead generation is SOOO Easy!
Facebook ads (run effectivily) is widely considered the most complex platform when compared to google AdWords, GDN, or youtube. Yet, many online gurus will sell you the idea that it’s the easiest thing in the world when you have their secret sauce.

Want to know why they are pushing you towards a course?

Here is the cold, hard truth: A Digital Marketing earns an average salary of $62,363 per year…

That doesn’t include the ad spend either.

Truth is, Done-For-You agency work is hard. Has lower margins than a course and most people just can’t hack it and will never get consistent results for their clients.

It’s always much easier to sell simple information to people who know nothing and charge a premium for that information.

But Bobby, don’t you coach people?

Yes, we do. Its expensive, takes time, and should only be taken by someone who feels they are interested in marketing.

Bottom line if you’re running a business you should have a pro running every part of it.

Any smart business owner knows that....

Seems like common sense… and it is… it’s just not common practice.

Let me ask you… 

Do you want actual professionals to help you grow your business?

If so, it all starts with a free Breakthrough Call with one of our experts.

On the call we’ll find out…

Want Better Quality Lead 
Exclusive Conversations 
Less Time Following Up 
And Your Own Marketing Team To Attrackt Realtors 

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Talk soon,

Bobby Stocks 

Bobby has been creating marketing campaigns since the early 2000's and started generating leads using FB ads in 2012. His marketing agencies have worked in every industry. He has generated over 30,000 mortgage leads in just the last 24 months. Bobby's company now resides in beautiful Puerto Rico. 
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